MentorFactor's Services



Readiness depends on understanding where you are in your environment. If you don't know where you are, you don't know how to measure your progress. MFI can assess your environment using our Flow-based Leadership Model Assessment™ to provide feedback on the effectiveness of your culture, leadership, and communication within your organization.

Leadership Development


Do you have a strategy for growing leaders in your organization? We can help develop your plan and help you implement it through a continuum of services ranging from leadership training through executive coaching.

Education and Facilitation


Want to know more about flow-based leadership and flow-based decision making?  Through The Center for Flow-Based Leadership®, we develop customized workshops in the areas of flow-based leadership, servant leadership, conflict management, having hard conversations, knowledge management, and more. We can help align your leadership team with organizational goals. 

Communication Strategies


Effective communication is key to successful outcomes. Communication can be in the form of written policies and procedures, but also refers to how well your team communicates inter-personally. 

Knowledge Management


In today's world, knowledge is capital. When people leave the organization, do you know what they know? How are you managing the knowledge being generated? We can help you implement knowledge management so that knowledge doesn't walk out the door when people leave.

Process Management


Everything is a system. Processes within these systems are often very fluid out of necessity. Agile environments need a framework to manage processes as much as other environments. We can help identify, analyze, and document current process flows, as well as facilitate your team's efforts to design better ways to get the job done.